It's Green Meeting Month!

Our superintendent has proclaimed February Green Meeting Month. We have several regularly scheduled monthly meetings that will happen via videoconference this month. Instead of everyone driving here, participants will attend at one of three locations: here, one in south county and one in north county. The responsibility of hosting the additional locations is spread across the districts we serve.

Scheduled Meetings

  • Academic Coordinating Officials Meeting
  • Superintendents Advisory Committee Meeting
  • Parents Advisory Committee Meeting
  • High School Principals Meeting
  • Special Education Directors Committee Meeting
  • Counselor Academy Meeting
  • Business Managers Meeting

In addition, several regular videoconference meetings will happen as usual.

This is the first time we have tried this with almost all of our meetings. A few have unusual circumstances, and those meetings will be scheduled via videoconference at another time. It’s a great way to expose all these leaders to videoconferencing meetings. One hope is that they will want to meet via videoconference again in the future.

In celebration of our Green Meeting Month, I’ll be sharing some tips and resources for videoconference meetings in the next few posts.

Happy Green Meeting Month!

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