Don't Miss the ISTE SIG IVC Playground: Early Bird Reg Ends May 1

This year at the ISTE Conference there will be an interesting new playground: a videoconference playground, complete with pirates, treasure maps, and gold (chocolate)! The SIG IVC playground runs Wednesday morning from 9 am to 1 pm.

Come search for treasures to enrich your classroom! Join video conference experts from around the country as they share their expertise in content and hardware to use with H.323 video conferencing. Connect with zoos and museums that offer video conference content to schools, as well as an author and other experts! See the latest in HD technologies. If you are interested in globalizing your classroom, this is the playground for you! Come and learn from practitioners and walk away amazed.

You’ll get hands-on time with various videoconference options, while you dial out to IP addresses to discover who is at the other end. Don’t miss this fun experience at ISTE, as well as other great videoconference workshops and sessions.

Register Quick Before the May 1 Early Bird Deadline!

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