HistoryQuest8: Sample Clues and Visuals

Yesterday and today we’ve had 5 sessions of HistoryQuest8: Civil War. Students are giving clues about people, events, inventions, documents, etc. from the Civil War, and trying to guess what everyone else has presented.

We’re using the new short MysteryQuest format that works GREAT for middle school classes. We’ve had 4-5 classes in each 45 minute session. You can read more about the agenda and preparation for HistoryQuest8 online here.

Today we had some neat clues and visuals.

This class did their clues in the form of a court skit. They began with “Welcome to Clueless Court, where we don’t know anything at all about law.” The skit was actually a trial of their mystery person.

Another class gave several clues about a detective, with detective-like clues.

Here’s an example of a visual that doesn’t work! Between the background picture, the red font, and the glare of the document camera, it was pretty hard to get any information from this visual.

Nice big clear font on these posters. Easy to read and write down.

Note this creative way to give a clue for “Greek architecture”.

Music is always fun for giving clues! The song played was “Taps”.

Another class gave these creative clues for the invention of the telegraph.

This is just a sample of the presentations from these HistoryQuest Civil War sessions. If you haven’t done a HistoryQuest or MysteryQuest, you may want to watch the video here.

Still Openings

Also, Paul Hieronymus is running a few more HistoryQuest8 sessions during the week of May 3, and needs some more participating classes. Details here. Hope you can join him! Your class could prep their presentation in a couple class periods if you keep it simple. So it IS doable! Great learning experience for students!!

In addition, we still have room in HistoryQuest5 (5th grade colonial times and revolutionary war) and MysteryQuest USA (US geography for 4th or 5th grade. These are all open to everyone!

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