Empower Peace Nov. 10. Participate!

Ran across this in my email a few times. Looks like something you should do!!!! Perfect for Broadcast Clubs and World Issues Classes.
Project “Empower Peace” has been connecting high school youth in the United States with their contemporaries in the Arab and Muslim world for a few years now. This “connection” is made possible through video conferencing and the Internet. To date, nearly 10,000 students from
over twenty countries have participated in or viewed our “virtual” cultural exchanges.
Here’s where we need YOU! Our most recent broadcast was the best to date, on September 29th, hundreds of students in Boston and New York interacted live with hundreds of students from Cairo, Egypt and Islamabad, Pakistan. Additionally, thousands watched the broadcast on
the Internet.
However, a few days later, disaster struck Pakistan in a form of an earthquake…tens of thousands dead, millions homeless…the Empower Peace students in Boston and New York wanted to do something to help their new friends in Islamabad…in an effort to do so, we are
The TV/Internet Telethon will be broadcast live on Thursday, November 10th at 1-2PM (ET) in Boston on WB56-WLVI-TV and will also be streamed over the Internet (empowerpeace.com). Of additional significance, the broadcast will be transmitted by satellite back to Pakistan enabling viewers there to see the telethon.
We need a lot of schools from around the USA to pledge via e-mail….. would like them to pre-register on the empower peace web site http://www.empowerpeace.com we’d like to read their pledge out loud during the broadcast…so let them know they can compose a sentence or
2 to be read….
Also, if at all possible, we would like for your school to produce a high quality video message to youth in Pakistan we will review for airing…message should be no more than :30 in length….
Go to http://www.empowerpeace.com for more information.

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