High School Graphics Arts Programs

On Monday I talked to our Graphic Arts CTE (Career Technical Education) program teachers. We brainstormed some possibilities for their classes. Here’s what we came up with.

  1. Animation: Not Just for Saturday Morning, from the Museum of TV & Radio.
  2. Programs from Author/Computer Illustrator Bill Dallas Lewis. I think this is a really good option because Bill is willing to tailor the programs to what the teacher is looking for. He can do Photoshop, Flash, and more. Visit his website for more details as well. BTW, he does web cam videoconferencing too. He can guide a project as well.
  3. Students could create computer generated art to share with another class for feedback and review.
  4. Finally I shared my notes from the Keystone Conference session: The Orange County Animation Project: Mentoring From The Real World.

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