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Here’s another great post from my current online class, Kid2Kid Videoconference Connections. The class was discussing Scott Merrick’s article, When Good Technology Goes Bad.
This post is from a teacher and highlights the essential role of the media specialist in supporting videoconferencing:

The article was a bit funny.  I think that the reason teachers (I secretly include myself here) feel that it is more complicated than it may in fact be is because I can’t even read the seventh paragraph where the author is talking about the equipment.  The only words that looked like English was “Radio Shack”.  I’ve never been in one, but do recognize the name as a store.  I’m not so much afraid of having one bad go of it as I am destroying some costly equipment by cramming a plug into a spot where it doesn’t belong and breaking something. 


When I participated in a Mystery Location VC it was easier than driving a car.  That was perfect.  Work was required on my part to prep my kids and teach particular skills to ensure success on the day of.  We practiced for about a week.  Most everything ran smooth the day of.  Had I needed to climb on a roof and look for a “female/female RJ-45”, whatever that is, I most likely would have just cancelled the event.  When it gets down to the equipment I like to defer to our Media Specialist.  She is knowledgeable and happy to help.  Without her guidance I am not sure I could have been as successful in my first attempts at videoconferencing.     

I keep hammering this point home. The building level coordinator, ideally a media specialist, is critical to successful sustained use of curriculum videoconferencing!

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  1. I am thrilled that you have surfaced this reality about videoconferencing and Media Specialists. The relationship between the hub of the school, the library media center, and videoconferencing is a natural and powerful one. The media specialist (aka library media specialist) provides more than support, this site based professional also promotes the use of this technology in multiple areas like, curriculum, departments, grade levels, professional development, parent trainings, and more. I can not thank you enough for your hammer, I am about to grab mine and get right behind you!

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