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My 21st Century Communication Collaborations class is ending this week, and it’s always enlightening to read the comments from teachers as they reflect on the last six weeks of making a videoconference happen.

Here are some comments from a 2nd grade teacher:

This class forced me to actually DO a videoconference instead of just THINK about doing one.  The articles and forums I’ve read have been so helpful.   They’ve reminded me that we all are at different “levels” AND that is okay!

This class has made planning and participating in a videoconference quite simple.  I benefitted from learning little pieces at a time throughout the 6 weeks.  Building from week to week was very helpful.   It made what seemed like something totally overwhelming and impossible to something very “doable” for me and necessary for my 21st century students.

I’ve also learned that videoconferencing can be easily integrated into the curriculum. I had no idea there were so many options available.  Videoconferencing gives us the opportunity to work collaboratively with people from different life styles and cultures.   There are many vc opportunities out there to choose from that would nicely enhance our curriculum. Doors are opened that would have been thought impossible years ago. It seems, however, that no matter what the videoconference is about, the connection to another class in another place is the biggest benefit! Communication skills and teamwork alone would fit into whatever you are teaching!

Wow! 21st century learning, here we come!

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  1. I hope it integrate with carriculum, My wish all the time!!! to remove the black boards and remove the papers and start to make video contacting between students around the world:)

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