Whirlidurb's Jumping Jack Challenge

This morning I have two special edudcation classes participating in Whirlidurb‘s Jumping Jack Challenge.

After greetings, Miss Roxanne works with the two classes to predict how many jumping jack each class will do. This is adapted to the students’ math skills – and a little estimation and number vocabulary is taught also!

Then the classes jump for one minute to some lively music!

After jumping, the data is collected from each school. The count is an average – the number counted by the class leader.

While students rest for a few minutes, they learn some facts about nutrition and think of some different fruits and vegetables.

Next is another round of jumping, following by healthy things to do each day!

After another round of jumping, students learn about healthy drinks.

After the videoconference, the teachers get access to the data and suggested math problems to do with the data.

Students were highly engaged during this program – lots of movement as well as thinking about healthy choices and using their math skills. Great work, Whirlidurb!

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