Getting the Headings Right in Word

I’ve written already about what I learned from the book, Writing Your Dissertation with Word.

Based on that reading, when I started writing my dissertation proposal, I started with the template on the AU Leadership participant website.

Soon, though, I found that the headings were not in the format required by Andrews – 3 spaces before, 2 spaces after.  So I figured out how to edit the styles.

In Word 2003 to the left of the style pull down menu is a double AA icon. That brings up a window with all the styles on the right. From there you can click on the pull down menu, and choose Modify. Then Format, Paragraph… I made the “before spacing” 12 pt. When I saved, it updated all 18 of my headings. Voila!! 🙂

Yet another reason to learn to use styles and templates!

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