Fixing H.239 Settings

I’ve “muttered” here before about H.239 and the various problems with it (H.239 and MCUs and this post). Today I had a compelling reason to make it work and room in my brain to figure it out! Honestly, that’s half my problem with this technology. Just no time to figure it out! 🙂

Today I figured it out. I found the setting on our Polycom VSX 7000s to make sure H.239 is turned on. It’s under System, Admin, Network, Call Preference, and you want it checked.

I also found the setting on my conference template on the TANDBERG MPS MCU. It’s called “dual stream” and has to be turned on.

Once I figured that out, I was able to receive H.239 from a Polycom VSX 7000 with People Plus Content through my TANDBERG MCU to a Polycom VSX 7000 on my desk. Yeah!!

I think testing H.239 scenarios is on my list to figure out too. It would be really nice to know more certainly which units can receive it and which can’t; and how to fix (update settings) ones that can’t that really should be able to! Now for just a little more time…..

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