Talking to tech coordinators

At the MACUL 08 Conference this year, I ran into some of our local tech coordinators and we chatted about the progress of videoconferencing in their districts.

We commiserated about the great fact that the school level videoconference coordinators are doing fine on their own, and the sad fact that we don’t get to see the videoconferences as much anymore. We miss “running the show” for our teachers, but the increased usage is a testament to the fact that the new model of a school level champion, with district and educational service agency level support for that person, is a successful model. The support tree structure makes it easy for teachers to participate, and hence we have greater use of videoconferencing.

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  1. Sorry to hear that there’s just a bit more distance between you and the kids now, Janine, but that opens up more time for you to take on new VC challenges, right?

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