GNG and Haiti: Results of the VC

It’s always nice to know the results of a videoconference. Last week I got this email from the teacher at St. Joseph High School who participated in the GNG videoconference with students in Haiti. What an amazing experience that was!

Videoconference was good, some technical difficulties because Haiti is having power issues but that only happened once.  Overall, I know the kids enjoyed it.  Now we are selling the wristbands at lunch.  Next week Joe Rommel’s kids are going to be selling them too.  We hope to raise about $300 to buy tents for the school.  That was what they said they wanted most because their rainy season is fast approaching and they have nowhere to hold classes.

Here is an example of the real power of videoconferencing to give students an experience and empathy not possible otherwise, which motivates them to service and action!

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