World War II Veterans Picture

On Wednesday, March 31, we had a videoconference with our World War II veterans. I didn’t get to blog it then because I was having problems with two other VCs at the same time as I was facilitating this one. But I just got the photographers pictures in my email this morning, and this picture is so good I have to share it!

The veterans from left to right are: Captain Jimmy Butt, Sgt Arden Pridgeon, Sgt Val Ripsco, and Captain Frank Smith.

In this picture, Captain Smith was just explaining to the students the difference between American weapons and the enemy’s weapons (in his case, Germany). He was mimicking the sound of each, so loudly, that it made Sgt Ripsco jump! And then everyone laughed. It was a great session!

By the way, we still have room in the April Korean War Veteran interview, and the Vietnam War interviews in May. ($50 each; high school; everyone is welcome). Hope you can join us!!

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