Goals for Videoconferencing

In my online class on using videoconferencing, Planning Interactive Curriculum Connections, I ask the participants in the first week to share their goals for using their videoconference equipment. Here is a response from Carol Scott, Media Specialist, Mustang Public Schools, Oklahoma. One of the best set of goals I’ve seen for elementary videoconferencing:

I hope:
-for every class to videoconference multiple times throughout a year
-to secure funding to provide a greater number, and type of programming
-that at least one class will develop an ongoing collaboration with a distant class
-that in addition to content, each call helps students learn geography, culture, social, tech skills
-to help students gain global awareness and friendships
-for my students to become competent, compassionate, cooperative leaders.

Thank you, Carol, for setting the bar high! These are excellent goals for every elementary school wishing to use videoconferencing effectively in the classroom!

What are your goals?!

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