Love Those Costumes!

Today I facilitated another MysteryQuest USA. We had a great group of kids from Michigan, Missouri, Wisconsin, New York, and Texas. We had to weather a few technical glitches, but the students did very well. Rachel Villanueva’s class from McAllen, Texas did an exceptional job with their clues and guessing the locations of the other classes.

At the end, we had a bit of extra time, so I gave the students a chance to ask each other questions and make comments on the other presentations. One of the most common comments on other presentations was, “I liked your costumes.” While students are creative in many ways to give their clues, it’s the human visuals that are always the most fun! In last Thursday’s MysteryQuest, my favorite costumes were the aliens giving clues. We had so many technical difficulties that I can’t remember now which class it was.

So here’s a few tiny screen shots from today’s videoconference:

Students from Brown Elementary, St. Joseph, Michigan, tell about the first European explorers to discover Michigan.

Students from Brown Elementary, St. Joseph, Michigan, in a canoe describing the Native Americans in Michigan.

Students from Garza Elementary, McAllen, Texas, share clues about the three major celebrations in Texas.

While it’s cool to use PowerPoint for presentations, students love to see the other students on camera – especially in costumes, singing, and being creative to share information!

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  1. Today’s VC on Mystery Quest USA was another great connection. Our kids in St. Joe did enjoy it. It is very intersting to see how MQ USA with 5th graders is different from MQ with 6th graders. There really is a large difference in the way they tackle it, with only on year difference in age.
    Ren Baldwin

  2. I was in this clas in 5th grade. And i am now in 7th grade living in Cananda. I always remember that day and when we had to give clues to people arcross the contry. I really injoyed talking to people with a slightly different culture.

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