That Newbie Feeling

I’ve been doing VCs since 1999 and it’s gotten to be a comfy easy thing to do! Well, now we are getting a new Tandberg MCU installed and I’m back to that newbie feeling. Realizing again how complex this technology really is! Waiting with baited breath to see if it works. What a celebration and elated feeling when it connects!

I think it’s good to be reminded of this now & again. I’m teaching an online class on using VC and there are several people new to VC in the class. There really is quite a leap of understanding and experience to jump into the VC world. It’s a scary thing when you haven’t done it before. When things don’t work the first time, it takes a courageous, persistent soul to try again! But if those of us that make the connections work can manage to give teachers a successful experience, then just watch the learning potential unleashed!

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