Great Ideas Spreading…

It’s cool to see how great ideas spread from one region to another! Just this week Arnie Comer wrote about how he’s running MysteryQuest Regions in his area and Roxanne just posted about the Texas History Mystery she and Angela Conrad are running. It’s neat also how much we all keep contributing and growing the ideas. I learned from Roxanne’s blog that Arnie made this cool script for running a MysteryQuest. This is Roxanne’s version of it. Great detail for those starting to run their own MysteryQuest type activities. A great idea gets better as we all contribute and grow in our use of a strategy.

Another example is the ASK program. Jim Wenzloff and Arnie Comer from Macomb ISD mentored me and other TWICE board members in the ASK program, then Polycom is using an ASK Deluxe format (Jim’s idea!) with The Ultimate Gift videoconferences, and now Roxanne is working towards ASK for Texas too.

What great ideas do you have that you could be sharing and growing??!!

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  1. I just got word from Ashton Graham that she is now starting Texas History Mystery in El Paso ISD. I have already heard from other teachers who are interested in more MysteryQuests and this type of project.


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