HistoryQuest5: Beginnings to 1800

This week we’ve had several sessions of HistoryQuest5, another MysteryQuest-like format. Last year we tried this out with 2 sessions only; and this year we’ve expanded to 5 sessions.

Classes began by sharing 5 clues on mystery people, events, documents, or inventions from the U.S. History timeline of Beginnings to 1800.

This mystery person was a baby. See the baby doll in the boy’s arms and the question mark hanging from its blanket? Cool visual!

Here’s another example of a great visual to go with the clue!

After taking notes on all the presentations, students work against the clock to try to figure out what everyone presented.

A timer on the screen counts down the time left. Hurry, hurry!

Here’s what the research time looks like in the classroom.

If you haven’t seen one of these, you might want to watch the HistoryQuest5 video clip  here. This is the last set of “quests” before the end of the school year, a great way to end the year!

Have your videoconferences gone well this school year? Are you ending with a bang? Soon we’ll rest for the summer break!

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