End of Year Evaluation Strategies

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As we come to the end of the school year, it’s time to reflect on the year, evaluate how it went, and use that data to plan for next year. So this week, we’ll be focusing on evaluation of our videoconference programs.

What Do We Evaluate?

  • How many videoconferences were done by each school
  • Which teachers used VC and why
  • Which teachers that used VC in the past didn’t use it this year and why
  • Which programs that we offered were effective and which weren’t
  • Effect on student achievement (if possible)
  • Which schools need more assistance
  • What the training needs are for the summer and next year
  • What else can you think of?

Previous Thinking on Evaluation

Before thinking more this week, let’s review some of what has already been said about evaluating our videoconference programs.

For some additional reading, consider these research articles:

How are you evaluating your program from this school year? Please comment & share!

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    1. Amazing! I just did a blog post on our end of year meetings asking for suggestions for questions to make sure I get good info from our districts and you provide this helpful bit of info 🙂


      • That’s great, Cheryl! Let me know, as we go through the week, if you have any other ideas about evaluation. I think this is an area that we can always improve; and is very timely this time of year!

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