Informal Evaluation Strategies

by Horia Varian from Flickr Creative Commons

One of the ways to evaluate your videoconference program is to ask questions throughout the school year. Here are some of the questions I ask:

Questions to Ask Teachers

Often when I don’t get to actually watch a videoconference, I like to email the teacher afterwards. Particularly if the program is one I haven’t seen before, or if the teacher is new to VC. I ask:

  • How did it go?
  • Did the content meet your curriculum?
  • Was the quality of the VC ok?
  • Did you have any problems with it?

Often I can then resolve any issues positively so that the teacher will come back for another videoconference.

Questions to Ask VC Coordinators

I also like to ask questions of my VC coordinators whenever I get a chance. Often on the phone as we’re discussing an issue or problem, I ask open ended questions to learn more about how VC is going in their school.

  • How are your teachers doing this year? Are they busy and stressed?
  • How is it going? (often this question brings out barriers, which we can then discuss solutions together)
  • How is your principal supporting VC this year?

The trick is to really listen! Listen to what might seem to be “complaints” or “excuses” in your mind. Listen! Are there ways to address those issues to make it easier for your teachers & coordinators?

What ways do you informally evaluate your program throughout the school year? Please comment and share!

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