How to Fund VC for your Classroom

Here’s an interesting article from the IVCi Newsletter on How to Fund Videoconferencing for Your Classroom. You can get this newsletter via email too.

Also in this newsletter was a feature on TANDBERG’s new FieldView product. It looks like a digital camera – but brings VC to the field. Very intriguing. I wonder how easy it is to get on a network. And would it work via a cable modem? Bandwidth and connectivity seem to be the big challenge of connecting on location.

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  1. I saw this camera at the Texas Distance Learning Conference in Galveston, Tx, this past March. It is a very cool little device. However, if I remember correctly it does not yet connect as a stand-alone endpoint. It can dial in to an IP, but the receiving computer has to have some client software loaded. It provides two-way audio, but only one way video.

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