Megaconference, Nov. 8, 2007

Mark your calendar for Megaconference on November 8, 2007. The date was just sent out yesterday on the Megaconference listserv. This is the higher education, adult facilitated, original Megaconference that Megaconference Jr. (student facilitated) is modeled after. If you haven’t experienced a Megaconference, it’s an incredible experience.

Here are a few good strategies for bringing a Megaconference to your school.

  • Have the event running in a central location so that classes can pop in and out.
  • Print the schedule and share with teachers. However, realize that Megaconference is live and sometimes it gets off schedule a bit. So be flexible!
  • Encourage students to study and celebrate the geography of the event. Have them map out the participants list. Keep a world map close to the videoconference system so students can look up the locations represented by the presentations.

Anyone else have some good strategies for making a Megaconference a successful learning event in your school?

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