I Have a Dream: Giving VC to People Off My Network

I have a dream!

  • I want to give a login to my (as yet undetermined) desktop videoconferencing solution to an author in her home so she can talk to my students.
  • I want to give a login to a guest speaker my teacher invited to talk to her students (a guest speaker with no access to an H323 videoconference appliance).
  • My teacher knows a teacher in Oregon (or California or the district across the state) and they want to VC together. My teacher wants to use our H323 Polycom system. The other teacher doesn’t have access to H323. I want to give the other teacher a temporary login to our desktop solution.

Some day, this dream, and others will come true!

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  1. I would love to do the same. H.323 is wonderful for guest speakers. One day I hope to get Movi (Tandberg) and be able to use it just like you described.
    Madell Dobrushin
    Richland One School District
    Columbia, SC

  2. So, Vidyo does this. Is it a matter of cost?

    What is your H.323 port cost per month? (purchase, maintenance, manpower, lifecycle, etc.) I’ll bet you can get Vidyo ports for the same or less.

    Just a thought. -Craig-

  3. CoroCall … which is a subscription service based on Vidyo … does this today.

    It connects with video conferencing room systems from Polycom, Tandberg, Lifesize … and Vidyo, of course.

    We’ve made it very affordable for educators, small businesses, and medical clinics.

    Give us a try with a free trial subscription


  4. Hi Janine,

    I found your blog because I, too, have been doing extensive research on telepresence solutions over the last few months.

    The Vidyo Gateway is limited to only one H323 connection on the router. –This is a deal breaker for many organizations.

    Have you looked at Oovoo as an alternative to Skype? They are positioning themselves as a more professional version of Skype (if you will). They offer 6-way video chats, web connection for non-oovoo clients, PLUS you can host your own rooms and develop your own tools with their APIs. –It’s a more elegant and robust solution.

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