Spanish Partner Classes, International Matches…

Are you starting to think about your videoconferences for the 2010-2011 school year? Maybe you want to connect to another country.

I notice many collaborations on CAPspace looking for partners in Latin or Spanish countries to practice Spanish.

I also got an email this summer from someone complaining that they had registered on many sites, but had not yet found an international partner.

Here’s my advice:

Start with North America!

  • The time zones are easier to manage.
  • There are many culture differences available if you just look carefully.
  • You can learn to be sensitive to and appreciate other cultures within a more comfortable framework. Then you’ll be ready to do more international connections.

Bilingual Spanish Classes

Skype call arranged by Silvia Tolisano between Jewish students in Florida and Muslim students in Minnesota. They showed each other their prayer books and demonstrated how they pray.
  • For Spanish, try bilingual classes in California, Texas and Florida, for starters. Plenty of native Spanish speakers delighted to talk to your students! Enough classes to share around with all of us! Enough that you could have a partner class for each section/hour that you teach.

Compare World Religions

  • Silvia Tolisano arranged a VC between a small Jewish day school in Florida and Muslim students in Minnesota! (See photo.)
  • Connections to large urban districts almost guarantee an “international / global” experience.

So, don’t get discouraged! But start small and by using resources close at hand!

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