In Depth: Autopsy

On Monday, one of our new teachers from Bridgman High School participated COSI Columbus’ In Depth: Autopsy program. It was a health-science class. I didn’t blog it because I’ve blogged that session before. Plus it’s really hard for me to watch since it’s so graphic! But I just had to share with you (with permission) my teacher’s comments on the program:

It was such a wonderful experience.  They learned a ton in a very short period of time.  They did prepare and do the prework and autopsy plan.  Also, afterward, (today to be exact) they did solve for cause of death.  It was a heated debate, which was wonderful!  5 out of 8 students came to a correct conclusion. *Snipped a comment about the correct answer.*

Overall, it was a fabulous experience.  I highly recommend it and want to thank all of you who made this possible.

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