Still Reading Across America

It's the last week in March. The last week before our spring break. And we're still Reading Across America! This morning a middle school class at River Valley Middle School is reading with a class from Chesaning, Michigan. Thanks to Aaron Schippert for finding us a class to connect at the 7:45 class time! The classes are sharing jokes, poems, speeches, and choral readings. We had a bit of a glitch, losing the connection partway through. But we reconnected and kept going!

Then later this morning Brandywine Elementary connected to their partner class in Pennsylvania. This Read Across America session was rescheduled due to weather. We had a few technical issues – bandwidth on our end and audio & PowerPoint issues with Visual Concert on the other end, but the students and teachers handled it well. The class in PA shared a presentation about their reading of the book, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Our class shared several stories with jokes in between.

The kids were fourth grade, and our teacher had a great idea. The students stood up half way through the session to stretch and asked the partner class to stretch too. This helped get some of the wiggles out! The classes also asked questions where they said, everyone who likes football, stand up. Students in both classes stood up. A great way to answer questions visually from both sides at the same time!

That's the end of Read Across America for my schools for 2006. Out of 35 sessions, only 2 didn't happen due to weather and the difficulties of rescheduling. Not too bad! Close to 1000 of my local kids participated this year! I think that's a record for our RAA participation!

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