Indy Zoo: "The Mitten"

07-12-05indyzoo.jpgThis afternoon Eagle Lake Elementary is connected to the Indianapolis Zoo for “The Mitten” program. We had a few little glitches with this program. The zoo had a fire, and some of the animals for this program were injured, so this program has been adapted to the book The Three Snow Bears by Jan Brett instead. We’re glad that we can still do the program.

In addition, this morning Eagle Lake had a 2 hour delay due to the snow. Thankfully the Indy Zoo could squeeze us into the 1:00 slot so we could still participate.

After introductions, student brainstorm various clothing items to pack when traveling to the Arctic. Then they brainstormed what animals they might see on a trip into the north. The presenter reads the book, The Three Snow Bears, and asks the questions predicting and comprehension questions throughout the story.

After the story, students discuss the similarities and differences between this story and Goldilocks and the Three Bears. They learn facts about polar bears, see a polar bear skull, and learn about the polar bears who live at the Indy Zoo. Students also get to ask a few questions at the end of the program. Students really enjoyed the interaction.

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