Singing with Rudolph

07-12-05rudolph.jpgWe’re lucky enough to have four classes from Mars Elementary included in Region 12’s Holiday Extravaganza, Singing with Rudolph program yesterday and today. They are all kindergarten classes and they loved it!

Rudolph starts out asking the kids to show their antlers and to laugh like a reindeer. This breaks the VC ice and gets the kids moving & interacting. Rudolph sings songs like Santa Claus is Coming to Town, and Jingle Bells. Rudolph also asks the students some questions such as: What do elves learn in school? The elf-abet! This is a short but excellent example of getting the students to interact from the very beginning of the session. They answer questions, do motions, sing, and participate the whole way through!

I grabbed a picture of “Rudolph” from Roxanne’s blog. This way you can see how it’s done. “Rudolph” also has his own band – check it out!

This is a fun and easy program that introduces kids and teachers to videoconferencing in a low-key format. It hooks them on VC to try other programs. Thank you to Shane & Roxanne for sharing this program with us!

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  1. My daughter was in one of the kindergarten classes that connected with Rudolph. I am a teacher who tries to incorporate video conferencing whenever possible, but it was so fun to listen to my daughter explain her experience with VC. She can’t wait to talk to Mrs. Claus in a week! Thanks Janine for bringing these experiences to the kids of SW Michigan!

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