Invasive Species in the US & UK

This morning Lakeshore High School is connected to Caereinion High School, Wales, United Kingdom. Students are again sharing facts about an invasive species in their area. The Lakeshore High School students are sharing their Zebra Mussels presentation again and the students at Caereinion High School are presenting the American grey squirrel, which is a threat to the survival of the native red squirrel.

The question and answer time was more informal and fun this time. The students very quickly wanted to ask questions about each other. Some of the questions included from the Lakeshore students included:

  • How many pounds are in a dollar?
  • How old are you?
  • Do you know how they make the red squirrel reserves so that the grey squirrel can’t live there?
  • How does the disease spread from squirrel to squirrel?
  • What time is it there?
  • What age can you drive there?
  • Has Harry Potter come out for you yet?

The Welsh kids asked questions as well:

  • Do you have black squirrels?
  • Do you have red squirrels?
  • Do you think you’ll have a resolution to the zebra mussel problem or will it get worse?

The classes enjoyed quite a bit of humor in the conversation back and forth. The teachers are hoping to do another connection again on another topic.

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