IVC Volunteers at NECC

Are you going to NECC this year? If so, you should volunteer to help with the distance learning sessions. This is a great opportunity to network with other videoconferencing colleagues. Here’s the announcement and details from Kecia:

Greetings all!

This year’s NECC is going to be wonderful for Distance Learning enthusiasts. We have an entire strand dedicated to distance learning technologies. We would like to invite you to become part of our team by volunteering as a facilitator or operator for the NECC Distance Learning Committee. Just follow this link http://center.uoregon.edu/ISTE/NECC2007/volunteer/contact_login.php

and select ONE or BOTH of the tasks listed in the table in order to be considered a volunteer for the NECC Distance Learning Committee. We look forward to meeting you in Atlanta!

Interactive Videoconferencing (IVC) Facilitator Support IVC presenters before and during their sessions, workshops, and showcases. Assist with microphone and camera manipulation and audience management. In the case of showcases, may be called upon to stand-in as “on camera” host/facilitator for remote presenter. Experience with leading and conducting videoconferences. “On camera” experience as either a local or remote presenter helpful.
Interactive Videoconferencing (IVC) Operations Support IVC session, workshop, and showcase operations. Test connections, monitor sessions, troubleshoot problems. Understanding of video conference connections (H.323) and equipment. Experience with Polycom or TANDBERG equipment helpful.

Kecia Ray, Ed.D.

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