Jazz Day Two

Wow! some really great learning in Jazz today. So much that I want to reflect on it too!

You can follow along too.
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Content & Process
Roxanne led the debrief on the ASK simulation this morning. The participants listened to me read The Wall and then journaled, shared their journals, wrote questions, and then interviewed Don Alsbro, our local Vietnam veteran who arranges all our ASK: The Wall sessions and Lest We Forget sessions.

After the session, Roxanne asked the three sites to respond to two questions: What did you learn about the content today? And what do you want to remember about preparing your students for ASK? I know this idea of debriefing content & process, but Roxanne modeled it so well! I want to remember this for the future!

Participant Reflections
Listen to some of their reflections from today:

  • This was such a good experience. I really enjoyed learning different perspectives from regions and experience. I have only limited experience and knowledge of wars, and this opportunity absolutely helped “illuminate the past” for me.
  • This is the most exciting workshop I have been to in years!!! I can’t wait for summer to end, I’m ready to get the VC going in my classes. (never thought I would be saying that….wanting summer to end?) My mind is racing, I have creativity coming out of my ears. The www.orld is my domain:)
  • Today was pretty cool. I am understanding the terms better. The Ask Program was really neat, and I could see where I could use it in the classroom. … Roxanne is right, the best way to do this is to jump in and go.
  • Tuesday was such a varied day. The vc this morning with Don was very serious and moving. The after lunch session was informative and funny at the same time. Sometimes we forget to have fun in education. Janine’s comment: The balance between emotional morning and then hysterically funny afternoon with Shane & Roxanne’s Singing with Shane and VC etiquette worked SOOOO well today!
  • The more I learn about the opportunities, the more excited I get about the possibilities for this coming year. The best things about videoconferencing are student interest and engagement, things that I’ve been wondering how to increase at the Middle School!
  • I really enjoyed the videoconference with Don. The Vietnam War has always seemed to me as a waste of lives. However from Don’s perspective it was very valuable in the fact that it allowed other countries an opportunity to prepare for their own fight against communism. The war actually saved countries from being absorbed by more powerful nations.

It was an eventful day, yet participants are excited about learning and feeling more comfortable with the tools. Tomorrow features MysteryQuest Beaches and Global Nomads. Stay tuned!

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