Science Exchange with Teachers

Today as part of the Jazz workshop, the participants are doing exchanges with each other. We featured Community Exchange (based on Michigan Week Exchange), Read Around the Planet, Monster Exchange and Science Exchange.

The Science Exchange was my favorite today. Our teachers were matched up with El Paso, TX. The Texas teachers did a presentation called, Are You Smarter Than a Cockroach? The cockroaches are for an activity with Greenbush, KS this afternoon. They used “Hector the Hissing Cockroach” as the source of a peek or copy cheat. They used facts and clues from the NASA website.

Our science group had a wonderful PowerPoint with pictures of ice and snow from this area. Just then the computer died completely. Power switch didn’t work at all. So they came up with plan B. They used the back of our identifying sign to zoom in on an all white screen and told some facts about winter. Then we had a paper snow ball fight with each other.

Teachers learned that videoconferences can be FUN and very interactive. That’s the news from Jazz today!

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