Jazz Workshop Next Week

If you’re following several of us VC geeks on our blogs and Twitter, you’re about to hear a lot this summer about Jazz. So I thought a review of this workshop might be in order.

What is Jazz?

123 VC: Jazzing Up Your Curriculum with Videoconferencing (aka Jazz) is a grassroots workshop spread across three countries. This summer we have 3 weeks of sessions, 3 countries, over 500 participants getting training. To learn more about Jazz, review these links. You can learn what it is and how we work, lead, and learn together.

JazzIVC Twitter Tag

You can also follow our comments with the #jazzivc twitter hash tag.

Invitation to Comment

Have you participated in the Jazz workshop? Please comment and share you liked best?

Are you participating this summer? Please comment and share what you are looking forward to!

Do you wish you could participate? What questions do you have? Please comment!

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