Lest We Forget: Vietnam War

Today we have several local schools as well as two schools from Pennsylvania interviewing four of our local Vietnam veterans. This is the last in our series of Lest We Forget videoconferences. Students viewed a video produced locally with experiences from our veterans, prepared good questions, and then participated in the videoconference. Here are some of the questions the students asked:

  • Can you explain your first 24 hours in Vietnam?
  • How did you feel about the war protests?
  • Do you think there are similarities between the war in Iraq and the Vietnam War? If so what are they?
  • What did you miss about home when you were overseas? Do you agree with the reasons for starting the war?
  • Describe your accommodations.
  • Did you volunteer or were you drafted?
  • What kind of reaction did you have when you returned to the U.S.?

The classes that participated today really appreciated the experience. These interviews make history come alive for students as they learn the personal experiences of those who have served our country.

This is my last videoconference for the school year. My schools are doing a couple more on their own, but we’re basically done for the year. It’s been fun sharing these programs with you. I hope you’ve been inspired to do more videoconferences in your area, and maybe we can connect our classes together next year! Maybe you’ll start blogging your VCs too so we can learn from you!

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