Author Ben Mikaelsen

Between Friday and today we have three sessions with Author Ben Mikaelsen for Coloma Middle School. Since it costs so much we obtained permission to have several other schools connect as view only sites as well.

Students realize very quickly into the session that Ben is a master storyteller, not only in words but in person too! He tells the story of growing up in Bolivia, of integration into an American junior high in Minnesota, and of his experience not being able to spell. His story is inspiring to all students, no matter their skill level.

Ben also tells stories about his bear and the adventures they have together. He draws several lessons on dealing with bullies, following your dreams, and getting along with others.

Finally after the presentation, students asked great questions. One of the teachers said afterwards, "The presentation was very complete and thorough. The kids loved the session."

The program is a tad expensive, but authors have to eat too! If you have a budget for bringing in authors, this program is well worth it. 

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  1. Hi this is Duane Bartek, Dave Bartek’s son. My school loves your books. They have 30 copies of Touching Spirit Bear! They would like to know if you ever take a visit down here to Florida. Maybe sometime during the winter, next year, you would enjoy a visit to our warm city of New Smyrna Beach. Everybody loves your books down here and would love to have you visit our school. I miss seeing you and hope you can come.

  2. Dear Ben,

    This is Erica Campion you came to my school (solvay middle) Monday April 23 2007 you sighned my favoriot book petey
    you realy tought me that you shuoldnt make fun of somone different then you!!!! thats one big lesson i learned anyway thax for teaching me that. oh by the way can you still spell the word “the”????
    from your biggest fan Erica.

  3. i think that your book spirit bear is wonderful i read it in my reading class at west vally high school. I have lived in alaska for about a little over a year now! i’ve never seen a bear but would love to see one! i would love for you to write me back and let me know how very cool it is to have a bear as a pet!

  4. Tree Girl was one of the most inspirational books that I have ever read. It really made me realize how lucky I am to have what I do have. Gabi was very brave and I don’t think that I would have been able to survive during that time.

  5. Hey…. I just finished reading touching spirit bear…. it was really worth reading!!!!!!!!!!!

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