Living History Museums

Today we’re taking two trips back in time to living history museums.

First we have Lighthouse Education Center connecting to Conner Prairie, IN for the Creating Communities program. This program really explains to kids the difference between goods and services – a great introduction to these social studies concepts.

It’s pretty funny when kids ask a question about something outside of the time period – such as “Do you have pizza in your store?” Mr. Whittaker stayed in character for the whole interview to the slight frustration of the kids. “He doesn’t know what pizza is!” they said. It was a good learning experience for them!!

Then this afternoon we have Lawton students connecting to the Historic Cold Springs Village, NJ. Students are learning what it was like to live and learn 200 years ago.

Both programs connect students to presenters dressed in period costume in a historical setting and students get to interact with the historical person. Conner Prairie also had a map for students to work with in addition to interacting with the presenter.

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  1. Looks really cool! I am in Lakeview District in Michigan. Can you please send more info. on your videoconferencing. How much does it cost? I am interested in setting something up for my third graders this year. Thank you!!

    Kristin Mattei

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