Save the Cincy Zoo DL Program

I just heard from Ken Freeman at the Cincinnati Zoo, one of my favorite content providers. Ken needs our support. Please take the time to write explaining to the Director of Education the great value of distance learning programs at the Cincinnati Zoo. Here’s details of the situation from Ken:

The reason I called you today (and am writing you) is to ask for your help. Serious consideration is being made by the Director and Assistant Director of Education to eliminate, or at best, drastically scale back, the distance learning program at the Cincinnati Zoo. One of the main reasons is because they believe that the value of the visitor experience, the visitor who physically comes to the Zoo, outweighs the value of a virtual experience. While I believe that we do need programs for students who physically come to the Zoo, I can’t imagine eliminating a videoconferencing experience for students unable to travel to a Zoo or museum due to distance or financial constraints. In addition, I know how many students and faculty we have reached in the five plus years I have been involved with the program, and I do not want to eliminate this valuable resource.
Would you be willing to write a short letter to the Directors of the Education Dept. highlighting the benefits of videoconferencing, in addition to how our programs have impacted the students in your region? Responses can be sent to my zoo e-mail address at

So please take the time today to write a response to Ken to support distance learning from the Cincinnati Zoo!! Thank you!!!

Here’s a link to my blog entry on a recent program we did with the Cincinnati Zoo.

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