MacBeth High School Collaboration

Today I watched two classes interact in an amazing celebration of the study of Macbeth. Both classes had divided students into groups to prepare presentations and skits. We had a RAP, an mini-opera, as well as posters and skits. One of the skits included light saber swords, which the students really enjoyed seeing! Another group had prepared quiz questions for the partner class to answer, testing their knowledge. Our class even mailed a DVD of their Macbeth performance to our partner class in Louisiana.

Students asked each other several questions, including:

  • How many of you are moving up to the next level, i.e. college?
  • When do you graduate?
  • How many seniors do you have?

This was a great collaboration! Students were clearly engaged in their presentations, and the content of the story was reinforced by seeing the presentations by the other classes.

Regarding high school scheduling challenges, both schools rearranged schedules and brought two classes to the connection so that everyone could be involved. It seemed to work out great!

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