Monsters Monsters Monsters

This morning two more RUS grant buildings (Washington El and Three Oaks El) are doing their first videoconference. We’re lucky enough to have a couple of classes participating in Monster Match, a project coordinated by Roxanne Glaser, ESC 12, TX.

Before the videoconference, the classes made monsters and then emailed each other descriptions of their monsters. Then they tried to make the same monster. Roxanne facilitated the videoconference as the students checked their monsters to see if they matched.

I learned a new idea from Roxanne today! As the classes were connected waiting to start, Roxanne had a PowerPoint playing monster jokes. Cool idea!

Roxanne was appropriately dressed to facilitate too. Nice hair Roxanne!

As a first connection, this one is simple and low key. The connection is short — 20-25 minutes — and the classes get to talk to each other and practice zooming in on their camera. A great start for these buildings.

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  1. Thanks for using our monster’s picture! We had a wonderful time creating and describing Rose, our monster. She now has a seat of honor in our media center (minus the tennis shoes, which we had to return).

    We’ll definitely participate in this project again next year. After other classes and teachers saw our monster and heard about our project, they expressed interest in doing the project, too.

  2. Melissa, thank you for participating in our Monster Match! Every year I learn how to make it better! Y’all were our first connection to a class in another state…we were excited and nervous…and now we are ready for more connections!

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