Principal Support of VC

Last night when testing with one of my new RUS grant buildings, I found out an interesting way one principal is encouraging VC. At the school board meeting, each principal shared their 3 goals for their building. This particular principal set one building goal that each teacher would do a videoconference! Imagine the support and encouragement those teachers get from that principal!

In another of our successful buildings, the principal encourages teachers who don’t use VC to write it into their professional development plan for the school year.

So there are two ways principals strongly encourage VC in their buildings: setting PD goals with individual teachers, and setting building goals.

What did it take for these two principals to decide to require use of VC for all teachers? In one building, the principal came with a teacher to our week-long summer workshop 123 Jazzing Up Your Curriculum with VC. This experience cleared up the concerns about VC from past bad experiences in the building/district. Now she’s requiring VC. In the other building, a history of teachers using VC often for clear curriculum goals and having successful experiences convinced her that each teacher should be using it, especially after they acquired the equipment in the building.

So, how do your principals support VC? What experiences and training help them get to the point where they are highly supportive? Share a comment please!

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