Multifunction Devices & Classroom Videconferencing

Recently, I read this post on the Radvision blog about multi-funtion devices vs. single-function devices. While Sagee was focusing on the Flip camera vs. the iPhone and other Smartphone, I couldn’t help but think about classroom videoconferencing.

Single Device
Would you rather have a single device that only does one thing: videoconferencing?

Multifunction Device

Or would you rather have a device that does multiple things: an interactive whiteboard plus a camera for videoconferencing:

Silvia Tolisano's class interviews an Olympian

A device that can:

  • Do Skype videoconferencing
  • Do standards-based videoconferencing
  • Display web pages and movies
  • Can use for drawing and concept maps
  • And much much more…

This is my vision for my schools: to provide a login to standards-based videoconferencing so that they can use whatever tool necessary to videoconference with whoever they want. All from the comfort of the classroom and using the “technology central tool” in their classroom.

What do you think?

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    • Yes, well that’s where it takes some work so far! I have found that non-techie teachers are more likely to use VC than touch their computer… so this solution doesn’t really fit their needs. We’ll see how it grows…!

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