MysteryQuest as VC PD

Today I had an “aha” moment in our 123 VC: Jazzing Up Your Curriculum with Videoconferencing week long workshop. We did MysteryQuest Beaches this morning. And here I will quote reflection comments from two principals in my group.

Mystery Quest is a lot of fun. This would be a good ‘ice breaker’ event to use with staff new to vc. It could be done between buildings in a district or between RUS grant buildings in Berrien ISD. It teaches so many things to staff and is so interactive (plus a lot of fun!). There are so many ideas that you could jump off of this from to anywhere!

This was a fun day. There was not a lot that I could have my classrooms use because we are a k-2 building. I did think that I could use aspects of mystery quest as a professional development activity. This was also a day where a lot of planning took place between myself, another principal, and Janine for the next year. That is a great start for me.

It never occurred to me to use MysteryQuest Beaches as a PD for anything more than as PD to learn about MysteryQuests for teachers who plan to participate in a MQ. But both of these principals see this as a good intro to VC for teachers, even the K-2 principal who doesn’t see the MQ format working for K-2 (and I basically agree). This is really a new idea to me. I told them I was worried about the teachers being overwhelmed by it, but they thought it would really get them excited about videoconferencing and highly engaged in the process. Then in debebriefing you really can use this format with just about anything.

It’s likely that we’ll actually do this sometime during the school year. I’ll definitely write about how it goes…

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