The Polycoms are coming! The Polycoms are coming!

Installation of the 35 Polycom VSX 7000s for our USDA RUS DLT grant began yesterday.

This week I’m participating in an 8 site week-long workshop on videoconferencing: 123 VC: Jazzing Up Your Curriculum with Videoconferencing. One of the teachers in the workshop I’m doing this week called her principal to see if she could sign up for a videoconference.

She came back from the phone call just thrilled beyond thrilled! Describing the “sleek” new equipment that arrived a few hours before and how great it looks! The excitement in my workshop is palpable as just about everyone participating is part of the grant and getting equipment in their building within the next two weeks, thanks to the efficiency of AVI Systems.

We are all jazzed!

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