MysteryQuest Beaches

So this week I’ve also been team teaching a workshop with Bennie Tschoerner, Paris ISD, and Ken Conn, Lamar Consolidated ISD in Texas.

Today we learned about the MysteryQuest project – and did the first professional development version of MysteryQuest…… MQ Beaches! Each of the three sites was assigned two areas of the world and shared two presentations with clues about a beach in that area of the world. It was a lot of fun! We had very creative presentations pulled together in just under an hour – with visuals, props such as towels, sunscreen, and flowers!

Feel free to use this same format and materials in PD you are doing at your site! The websites for the student versions of the MQ formats are: MysteryQuest: World Geography, MysteryQuest USA, and TWICE’s Where in Michigan?

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