This morning I’m listening to the SIG IVC Forum at NECC remotely! Thanks to all the organizers who made that happen!! They are sharing 15 presentations fast with each person sharing for exactly two minutes. I’m trying to capture some of the pieces. If anyone reading this has the digital version of the handout that was passed out to everyone onsite, please comment & share where it’s online! I’m sure wishing I had the handout! Due to some technical glitches we missed pieces of some of the presentations.

July 24 Update. Dawn Colavita from CILC so graciously shared with me the handouts. So I’ve updated references below accordingly. Thanks Dawn!

  1. Pam Lloyd from Alaska talked about how they used Alaska Challenger Learning Center programs.
  2. Chris Lawrence, from the NY Hall of Science, shared how their programs are up & running again. He has a master’s degree in museum education. Did you know there’s such a degree? Cool.
  3. Mike Lay from Scott County, TN shared about the programs they do and how they’ve tied it into their RUS grant. They are planning to be a content provider, as they have a museum their students built themselves.
  4. Max Kolstad, State of Arkansas, Department of Information System, Manager of Distance Learning Services talked about their statewide network. He mentioned 9 content providers in Arkansas.
  5. Donna Farren from Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES talked about using videoconferencing to do student and teacher observation for their Reading Recovery program.
  6. Paul Hieronymous, a member of the The Lorain County Distance Learning Consortium (LCDLC), shared about their mysterybox project. I love this idea and would like to try this with our classes.
  7. Dawn from CILC talked about their website and all the resources available. I learned something new – the recommended programs get 2.4 out of 3.0 or higher.
  8. Debra Piecka, a doctoral student at Duquesne University, shared her research on  a kindergarten classroom participating in videoconferences  with another kindergarten class and a content provider. We all look forward to seeing this research published!
  9. Carol Teitelman from Bucks IU, Pennsylvania shared about their program called Keystones and how they work with teachers throughout the state via Elluminate.
  10. Chris Plutte from GNG shared about their programs, the Iraq, Rwanda, and Uganda ones. These are great programs, so look into them if you haven’t already!
  11. Tim Barshinger shared about Grossology Live. In addition to regular VC from LifeSize equipment, they are presenting via Skype too!!
  12. Darlene Haught, from the NC School of Science and Mathematics shared how they are offering content, classes and professional development/mentoring to  schools throughout North Carolina.
  13. Craig from GCI School Access shared about the programs they offer to their schools in Alaska including a career exploration program. He also shared the projects that the Bering Straits School District programs including a sled that can go out to any location and videoconference from that sled. GCI School Access helped build the sled for BSSD.

If you know any other details to fill in my holes from taking notes, please let me know!!

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