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Over a year ago, a librarian/media specialist at the MACUL Conference sat in a session on how to find videoconference content. As usual, I showed how to search our VC Program Database linked on TWICE and Polycom. I don’t remember what keyword we searched in the description field, but the results were not all on topic. I know one search word that is problematic like this all the time – “business“. If the content provider’s description includes anything about business hours, that program shows up. But it sure doesn’t help the business teachers looking for content!

So when Polycom started sponsoring our database, I knew we had a chance to actually do something about it. This spring we contracted with a local university librarian who specializes in indexing. He added keywords and subjects for all 1800+ programs. What a job! Now it’s finally done and searchable, and we’ll use that data to update future programs added.

Try it out and see what you think. Of course there are still some topics, like business, where there is hardly anything or nothing available. But if you search business in the keyword field now, you’ll get the one program that is honestly, truly about business: No More Business as Usual from Global Education Motivators.

If you have any thoughts on how it works, let me know!

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