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New Keyword Search

Over a year ago, a librarian/media specialist at the MACUL Conference sat in a session on how to find videoconference content. As usual, I showed how to search our VC Program Database linked on TWICE and Polycom. I don’t remember what keyword we searched in the description field, but the results were not all on topic. I know one search word that is problematic like this all the time – “business“. If the content provider’s description includes anything about business hours, that program shows up. But it sure doesn’t help the business teachers looking for content!

So when Polycom started sponsoring our database, I knew we had a chance to actually do something about it. This spring we contracted with a local university librarian who specializes in indexing. He added keywords and subjects for all 1800+ programs. What a job! Now it’s finally done and searchable, and we’ll use that data to update future programs added.

Try it out and see what you think. Of course there are still some topics, like business, where there is hardly anything or nothing available. But if you search business in the keyword field now, you’ll get the one program that is honestly, truly about business: No More Business as Usual from Global Education Motivators.

If you have any thoughts on how it works, let me know!

Blog Reviews & Video Clips of Content Providers

We’ve just added a couple new features to our VC Program Database linked on TWICE and Polycom. Now under the special searches on the left green bar, you can find all the programs that were reviewed by a blogging educator, or all the programs that we can find video clips for – . TWICE is planning to add more video clips this summer.

We’re collecting the links to blog reviews from all the people I know of that are blogging – see the Other VC Blogs linked on the right – scroll down a bit. If you’re blogging about VC and I don’t have your blog listed, please let me know!

On another note, while checking links, I noticed that the Battleship New Jersey has a new math program, What Good is a Parabola Anyway? It’s always hard to find a good math videoconference, and this one sounds really neat. I hope to have a teacher do this program next year.

Author Janie Panagopoulos

Here are the updates from this week to our VC Program Database linked on TWICE and Polycom.

New Provider: Janie. L. Panagopoulos

I’m especially excited about having Janie (an author!!) on this list! I worked with her over the past summer getting her set up at home with a webcam and Polycom PVX. She’s really animated and very comfortable with VC, both point to point and multi-point. She can facilitate her own ASK programs, and can tailor any of her sessions for exactly what you need. And her sessions are very affordable too!

VC Database Updates 2-17-2006

Lately we’ve been updating and checking everything in the BCISD-Polycom VC Program Database. Here are two recent updates.

  • Many of you know one of our favorite providers, the Lake County Waste Management District, lost Rita, the great storyteller, as their distance learning coordinator. Lara Gonzalez, the new person, has been reorganizing and updating their program listing. We just updated ours based on the programs they currently offer. More new programs will be coming out on March 1st. So watch for those as well.
  • Also, a new provider, The Mariners’ Museum, in Newport News, Virginia, is now offering programs nationally. I’m really excited about their programs. Great for history classes! Reasonable cost too, only $50. I hope their other programs for onsite viewing can be converted to distance learning programs too as they look intriguing and excellent.