New Polycom HDX 9000 at MACUL

It’s Wednesday afternoon and I’m in the TWICE room at the MACUL conference watching Polycom and ICI set up the videoconferencing equipment. After it’s up and running we will be doing test calls with all the places we’re connecting to on Thursday and Friday.

My inner geek is coming out! Polycom has provided their new HDX 9000 unit and I’ve been having fun checking out all the new cool features. ICI has provided an HD projector too and it looks so cool we think it’s from another planet! So here’s some pics.

Here’s a pic of the new Polycom HDX 9000. Cool looking camera.

Here’s a pic of the back and all the connections.

Here’s a picture of the microphone.

ICI provided this cool looking projector from InFocus.

Keith Sadlier, Utica Community Schools, and TWICE Conference Committee member, switches off the lights so we can better see the new splash screen on the Polycom as it boots up.

It’s been an afternoon of sitting around waiting for everything to get set up and watching the hunt for cables and a live Ethernet jack and more. Just a peek at the behind the scenes of what it takes to bring videoconference sessions to the MACUL Conference.

While we might not all be ready for HD quite yet in our schools, it’s cool to see the latest and greatest at a conference. Stay tuned for more reports from the MACUL Conference!

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