Notes from MysteryQuest USA

Today we had the first two of nine sessions of MysteryQuest USA in the next couple weeks. The first one this morning was really rough with just about everything that could go wrong with the technology actually going wrong. But the students weathered through it and had a great time presenting and guessing.

Here are two neat items from the presentations today.

First, one class presented all their clues from a car!

With the PowerPoint presentation behind, it worked out very well.

We’re starting to see more presentations projected on Smartboards, like this one. This class did very well with huge fonts and easy to read clues.

Finally, we had some game shows. My favorite was “Are you smarter than a 5th grader?” Very fun, considering that all the students participating today were 5th graders. The adult in the game show was….. guess…. none other than the teacher!

In the last session today we only had four schools, so we had some time for questions at the end. My two favorite questions were:

  •  Texas asked Michigan, “What is your air quality like?”
  • And, “What is the best part about living in Texas?” (asked after hearing that the temperature can go up to 110 in the summer!)

Great learning happened yet again today! Yeah!

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  1. I’m technology coordinator at school and only got to stop in two times to see the videoconference. Not often do I stop in a classroom and see so much interest in learning.

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