Presenting Clear Clues

Today’s MysteryQuest USA lessons were about clear posters. Posters continue to be one of the hardest things to do well in a videoconference. Classroom D, Farrell-Emmett Elementary, in Yale, Michigan, had some great posters today.

Notice especially the first poster. There are five C’s to write down. The part that the students would need to write down is big and bold. It’s short and easy to write down. Everything is bold and large. These are great examples of good posters.

Here’s another excellent poster from one of the other classes. It emphasizes the clue that the other classes need to write down.

Today’s group was fastest and most efficient set of classes to do the Q&A section. Even with really creative questions such as, “Is your city’s newspaper called The Register?” and “Does your town have a Candlelight Ghost Tour?” We whizzed through the clarifying questions, coming back to the classes that were still looking up the answer to a creative question.

Three MysteryQuest USA sessions down, six more to go!

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